introductory post and first review – kanebo kate designing eyebrow in ex-4

hello! i’m julia at chicetmignonne and this will be my introductory post and..first review of sorts? happy that you stumbled onto my blog! so i guess a little intro would help wouldn’t it?

well, to start, like i’ve already mentioned above, my name is julia. i’m originally from hong kong and moved to canada when i was 6. therefore, i’m chinese (cantonese to be exact) and canadian! i’m a 20-something right now. the reason why i decided to start this blog was because a friend was saying how i keep buying all these goodies – whether they be makeup related or not – and that it’d be cool to start a beauty blog and…here i am!

now that that’s done – onto the review!

today i’ll be reviewing the kanebo kate designing eyebrow in ex-4.

for those who are new to this brand, kanebo is a popular drugstore brand from japan. kanebo is really just the mother company/brand and kate is one of their lines. they branch into several different lines and are not only limited to just makeup – they also have skincare and haircare products as well. since the brand is japanese, getting a hold of products from their brand is rather…difficult. they do sell some of their products at local chinese shops that are found in richmond – which i think is way overpriced. if you know or have people that travel to asia, like taiwan or hong kong, they could get a hold of their products for you too i think this is the best bet. Or if you’re like me, you can venture out on the lovely internet and find the products you want. i bought this on ebay with the palette as search terms – there are several sellers that sell the product so you shouldn’t have a problem finding it. if you’d rather buy from a online shop, imomoko has it though if you want the darker shade – it’s usually out of stock.
i bought two of the palettes, one that’s opened and one that’s my backup. so these pictures are taken from my backup. that’s what the palette looks like when it’s unopened. you can see chinese on the label because i bought it from a hong kong seller so there are instructions there telling you how to use the powders and etc. if anyone would like the instructions translated, comment below :] if you could make out from the drawings, the dark brown shade can be doubled as a contouring powder. i haven’t tried it out myself as i have a separate bronzer/contouring powder that i use but this is handy when you travel. i can just bring this and not lug my boxy bronzer and save some space in my vanity!

as you can see, the palette comes with three varying shades of brown eyebrow powder. since the one i have is the ex-4, which is the light brown palette, the darkest brown out of the three powders isn’t that dark. the ex-5 would have a darker brown colour than that. i find that the ex-4 works better for me because i dye my hair at home – so it’s usually a lighter colour than people who don’t have their hair dyed. so for those who haven’t dyed their hair before or just keeps their haircolour natural, i’d stay go for the ex-5. if your hair is usually dyed, the ex-4 would be the one to get.

the powder from left to right, is powder a, b and c
the palette itself does come with a decent sized mirror and a small brush that you can use to do your brows. the brush is small but it’s really soft! there is slanted side for brows and a bushier side for blending the powder out. the powders are pigmented and easy to blend. i usually manage to get a pretty natural brow with the powders. i used to use a brow pencil to do my brows and i always found that the pencil made my brows look harsh no matter how much blending i did after. thought i’d try an eyebrow powder instead and has been loving it since. for those who are curious, how i do my brows, i usually mix powder a and b to do the first third of my brows. then i mix b and c to do the rest of my brows and i use a slanted eyeshadow/eyebrow brush from sigma.

rating time!

i give it a two thumbs up and it’s actually my hg brow product! the powders are pigmented enough but still blends well. the palette is nice and compact and is awesome to just stick in your makeup bag either on the go or when you travel. it’s not too expensive though it’s a little hard to get – i remember paying about $12-13usd (with free shipping) for this on ebay. but all in all, it’s a great product!

well that wraps up my first post :] hope that was helpful and leave me comments on what i should blog about or review next :]


4 thoughts on “introductory post and first review – kanebo kate designing eyebrow in ex-4

  1. wooo first blogpost~
    thank you for the review! i think i should give browpowder a go. usually i use an eyebrow pencil but it’s always the wrong shade and a bit to harsh and a general pain haha
    it would be really neat if you could add the price/estimated price range (just to make sure i don’t get ripped off lol) also i always appreciate when people demonstrate the product on their own skin (like the back of the hand) just as a further idea for future posts (spesh if it’s eyeshadow n stuff)

    • yeah i wanted to swatch too but couldn’t – the powder would give a good swatch so no go there lol ;;
      and the price range;; sobs i’ll tell you here then update the blog – it was around $12usd i think? with free shipping frm that particular seller tho :]

      • aww ok! well i’m really looking forward to more blogposts hehehe 😀 i think i’ll do my rounds on ebay then ;;;; thanks for the advice!

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